October 31 2008 – Jen D'Angelo

Well it appears friday is our lucky day! Last week Splendora featured the red ruffle dress in their hot little ruffle special ( where we were the only dress under $100). But this friday we got mentioned on!

Not sure if it's the hot body of Jefferson wearing this zombie tee, the aid of the lovely Miss Polly that selected some of our fall items for their holiday gift guide or perhaps that it is just a kick ass tee- but it certainly makes us quite pleased.

I also have to say I quite enjoy looking through gift guides and imaging my boyfriend in all the selected items. This gift guide perhaps wasn't the best match for my boyfriend in particular, but I suppose since he's 34 it's probably good he doesn't fit the Seventeen profile.

I do have to say if you or any of your special people are into zombies as much as I am, the second gift I would get them after this t-shirt is this!

That's right, personalized zombie portraits!!!! So cool!

But dudes I don't suggest getting this for any lady, sometimes the site of yourself as a she-zombie is a wee bit rattling.

Happy Halloween!



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