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Nooworks...the Shop!

October 29 2009 – Jen D'Angelo

In case you haven't been by our shop on McAllister yet we want to give you a peek inside and let you see what you've been missing out on.

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We have been making some pretty cool throw pillows to help you spice up your beds and couches. These are really great gifts and come individually wrapped for easy giving. Who doesn't want to snuggle with a floating monster head?

A real live store, with racks and everything!

Super cute pencil boxes! Perfect gifts for people who have everything. We also have Nooworks tote bags for groceries and such. With the plastic bag ban in San Francisco it looks like we better start stocking up on these babies!

Come pay us a visit if you want to see more. We are across the street from Matching Half Cafe, kitty corner from the soon to be Green Chili Kitchen, and right next door to Workshop. Our neighborhood rules!

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