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The Nooworks guide to looking good during the holidays Part 2

November 20 2009 – Jen D'Angelo

The best part of the holidays is doing all of the cute cuddly romantic stuff, let's face it. Today's post will feature outfits that can be worn when out and about with your love. But let's be real, these outfits can totally be worn out with buddies too!
1) Sleigh rides, apple cider, and window shopping
A long sleeve printed cotton dress paired with some cute boots and super hot thigh highs will make everyone happy. Throw on your favorite wool winter coat and scarf and have a cozy time!

2) Fancy holiday party at work
Whether it's your job or your significant others you need to look impressive. We like the way s hort cocktail dress looks at fancy functions. Pair this little number with some festive heels and call it good.


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