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Nooworks New Store Opening Party!


Nooworks New Store Opening Party!


San Francisco indie clothing, t-shirt and housewares label Nooworks is on the move! After a successful year in their Western Addition mini-shop they have decided to up the ante and move to the mission taking over the coveted Jack Hanley Gallery space at 395 Valencia Street.

This summer will mark 6 years for Nooworks and the new space will provide a showcase for artist collaborations. With 17 feet high ceilings and 4 times the current space Nooworks will go beyond artist t-shirts and provide the entire space for artists to curate and show. The first event planned wil be a group show featuring artists who are in the current line: Audrey Erickson, Hannah Stouffer, Kelly Tunstall, Jay Howell and Nate Hooper. Each season Nooworks will feature a new artist collaboration in the space and release a limited edition product line ranging from apparel to housewares and as always manufactured here in California.

Also at the opening, Nooworks will be debuting their Parisian inspired womens collection featuring the most flattering Sweet Pleats dress and the sultry Lounge Singer dress in limited edition fabrics, as well as one of a kind mens, womens and kids t-shirts. Along with pillows and bags, some of which are available in the flagship store only.

Please join us on Saturday July 17th from 5-9pm for this exciting event! In celebration of the store opening and the first art show in the new Nooworks space, there will also be a live performance by San Francisco’s italo-synth disco favorite Jonas Reinhardt! We look forward to seeing you there!!


By Jen D'Angelo
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  • Alyena

    seriously? you knit this over the past weekend? you are the kntniitg jedi master. i swear. oh, and that model of yours just gets cuter by the day. maybe one day my rhys will meet her and fall in love. i know at least she will be dressed outrageously well for the occasion! ;)xo

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