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Meet the Model


Meet the Model


We are so lucky to have several lovely ladies who model for Nooworks a few times a year. They are each such individuals and not only gorgeous but have exceptional style sense. Ashley O. is one of our very favorite people with looks to boot. She has the greatest personality and also has a pretty cool blog called Fancy Fine that you should check out. We did a fun little Q&A with her that we thought you might enjoy!

Where are you from?
I was raised in Santa Rosa and I've been living in San Francisco now for over 8 years.

One thing you can’t live without?
Oh dear, this one is nearly impossible to answer! My first thought was yummy food, ha. Other than that I'd have to say adventures!

Favorite place to go in San Francisco?
Encore Karaoke. It's my Cheers: everybody knows my name there.

Best thrift find?
There have been so many, but a recent amazing find was a red corduroy swing coat with giant buttons and faux spotted fur trim. I thought it was meant for a little girl when I first spotted it, but I tried it on and it fit me perfectly! And it was a steal at only $4. Thank you, Salvation Army.

Favorite Nooworks piece?
I love some of the new dresses coming out in Spring, but my longtime favorite is the Cute Pie dress. I have one in a tiny primary-colored check fabric and it's so adorably 60's. I always feel just the right amount of sassy when I wear it!

Dream job?
I would love to be in a position where I could blog, do photo shoots (both behind and in front of the camera), travel, and collaborate with other creative types as a full-time job. At the center of this would be vintage fashion, which is my main love, but I like the idea of having my fingers in many pies.

Guilty indulgence?
Watching The Bachelor. I got sucked into it a few seasons ago, and now I secretly look forward to it. It's just such a completely bizarre concept for a show and the awkwardness always makes me laugh.

Who inspires you?
All of my fantastically talented fellow bloggers, my stylish friends, and my clever boyfriend.

Pants or dresses?
Dresses! I haven't worn pants in months. I always feel uncomfortable when I do. I love them on other girls, but for me they just don't work. But hey, watch me eat my words someday when I find that perfect pair!

Favorite meal?
Dinner at Limon Rotisserie. Or the #1 from In N Out.

Last song you listened to?
"Point and Shoot" by Yo La Tengo

By Jen D'Angelo

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