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Not Helvetica

February 09 2011 – Jen D'Angelo

 Our Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook will have it's debut any day now and one thing we did differently this season is add awesome handwritten fonts by Emily Glaubinger. Handwriting (or giving the illusion of it) adds and element of care to things. Imaging someone writing every letter and spending time hovering over a page of text makes it seem a bit more genuine and one of a kind.

This is from Emily's blog and is along the lines of what she did for the lookbook. She is awesome and funny.

Handmade Nation (the book) boasts radical hand drawn fonts and makes us want to sit down and write out everything, always, forever.

This album art was done by Cal Schenkel in 1970. He also did the album art for a record called Rock Classics put out by Warner in 1971 that features his fonts boldly in rainbow technicolor. Know of any other handwriting geniuses? Let's talk about it in the comments...


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