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Liz Caruana

October 24 2011 – Jen D'Angelo

A modest photographer with a great eye, San Francisco resident Liz Caruana is the long-standing photographer for our Nooworks catalogs. In addition to being a successful fashion photographer, Liz is also a complete pleasure to work with. Continuously creating wonderful work for us, Liz has braved the harshest of San Francisco’s summer climate during Nooworks photo shoots. (It seems we always choose the wildest of weather days to shoot!) On our most recent shoot with Liz, there was a harsh summer chill and relentless winds, yet despite such trying weather, Liz finished out the day with incredible photos. To see more, check out the new photos on our home site or come grab a catalogue at the shop and say hello! Our current catalog features textile designs by New York artist, Sarah Mead.

In addition to the her professional photography, Liz keeps up a personal tumblr account in which she offers photos from a current personal project called, “morning walks”, which is a compilation of daily photographs that are humble, yet expressive enough to evoke feelings in the viewer. We think it’s a great feat that Liz shows her impressive technical ability and eye for fashion photography through her professional site, and offers a glimpse into what drives her passion through her tumblr account. Check them both out here:

Oh and check out this latest shoot she did featuring Nooworks and our pals FluffyCO. at Luckycat Recording Studios.


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