California made from start to finish 🌈

Selfie Fit Guide Magics

This pantsuit really is magic. For those of you in pant suit denial you may want to break down and try this one. Made in cotton jersey with pockets and a little elastic in the back it's the coziest way to look cool.


Height 5’4

Bust 34B 

Chest 34"

Waist 28” 

Hip 34” 

Usually a 0-2 

Nooworks a XS


Height 5’4”

Bust 34DDD

Waist 28”

Hip 35”

Usually wear a 2-4

Nooworks a Small


Height 5’2”

Chest 42”

Waist 33”

Hips 46”

Usually wears a 10

Nooworks wears a Large


Height 5'4"

Bust 33B

Waist 26"

Hip 35"

Usually a 0-2 

Nooworks a XS


Height 5'6"

Bust 36DDD

Chest 39"

Waist 30”

Hips 40”

Usually wear and 8

Nooworks a Medium


Height 5’8”

Bust 42”DD

Waist 46”

Hips 49”

Usually wear and 16

Nooworks a 2XL