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Transparency in Pricing

Transparency in Pricing


As some of you have probably noticed, Nooworks’ prices have increased by 5-10% in the last year. Many factors have contributed to this change, and as a company with a lot of heart we want to always be open about our ethics and process.

For the first decade of Nooworks, we were super small and nimble. But in the last few years, the Nooworks team has gone through significant expansion, and for this we are extremely thankful. With our surge of growth, we have remained a small team that mindfully considers supporting artists, our footprint on the environment, size inclusivity, and a constructive direction to change aspects of the fashion industry for the better. All with good intentions that in turn increase our costs of doing business.

In our effort to be responsible for the environmental impact we have, all our fabrics are milled, printed, and sewn locally in California. Nooworks has also Increased initiatives to fine tune some of our details, such as using compostable mailers and recyclable tags, to coincide with our approach for sustainability.

Our production decisions take into account the costs of selecting quality fabrics suitable for printing our wild, multi-color prints onto — which also has grown more costly to use (even though we try to narrow our colorways down to 12... you know how we love color!) Additionally, we have added a step to pre-wash all our fabrics so shrinkage of your garment is never an issue over time, because consistency is important to us as much as it is to you. And now, as we aim to continue to be as inclusive as possible, our garments run a range from XXS to 5XL, which in turn raises our general pricing due to the costs and means of production.

Finally, we could not end this letter without addressing the affects the pandemic has had on us as a small business. Since 2020, our business has shifted to being predominantly online, and again we are SO thankful for that support, but it means we now have a warehouse staff of 8 (which is a big jump for us!), and have moved not only once, but TWICE during COVID.

We now reside in a compatible warehouse for the size of our business, and are constantly improving our workflow to provide the best customer experience possible. Believe it or not, we have just 8 gals who process everything on the back end from driving the sewn garments from the factory to our warehouse, quality controlling each garment individually, folding each piece, shelving and organizing, pulling orders, shipping orders, customer service, processing returns, and restocking our two California stores. You’ll NEVER receive poly bagged garments shipped from another country – we believe in having as much done in-house as possible! We LOVE it! We run a fabulous, fun work environment and everyone is paid a living wage. We couldn’t be happier and we really appreciate your support.

Again, thanks for sticking with us through it all! Xoxo,
Jen and the Nooworks Team :)

By Jennifer D'Angelo

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