Nooworks works with 4 artist a year to create limited edition textiles. Each design is limited to runs of 1000 yards so there are usually only 500 garments made in each textile ranging from kids leggings to women's dresses in all shapes and sizes.

In an effort to be sustainable and keep all our production in the USA we print our fabric using a method called rotary printing so we can print on high quality fabrics derived from plant matter. Much like screen printing our designs are separated into colors. We rarely print designs over 5 colors as each individual color needs to be engraved onto a 48" metal roller which the fabrics runs through to stamp the design. All our fabrics are made from plant based materials.

Once our fabric is ready is ships from Los Angeles California to Oakland California where our factory cuts and sews everything. We purchase all our trims, notion and labels from other small businesses in the USA and print all our paper products on recycled paper.

The apparel industry can be full of waste and people working below minimum wage. We try to create a small impact on the world and provide all we work with a living wage. We understand consumers have limitless options today and your purchasing power can have a real impact.

Thank you for your continued support and interest on nooworks.

If you are an artist interested in doing working with us please email submissions@nooworks.com